Handmade Reclaimed Mink Fur Boot Tassels

It was within a bundle of vintage furs that a collection of 1950's mink tails were found.  I wondered what to make from them and how best to restore them.  It was one afternoon, wearing in my Fairfax Regina's that I realised how pretty they would look as boot tassels.

Setting the challenge to my talented partner; we handcrafted a pair of tassels for my boots.  We both loved them so much that we now make pairs to order as they continue to grow in popularity.

Each pair are made from 100% recycled fur and leather.

Unique, beautiful, vintage and sustainable

To order, please add 1x tail, 1x leather & 1x button to your basket - £28 total.

If you are unsure which combination you would like, please dont hesitate to message us to see a provisional mock up of your combination.