Caramel Cowhide Rug - Medium
Roughly sized length 60", width 60"

Cowhide Rugs make the perfect decorative accessory within the home. Whether placed infront of the coffee table, at your bedside, in the hallway or draped over a sofa, cowhide rugs offer a unique, statement & beautiful feature, the only limit is your imagination!
Cowhide rugs are wonderfully easy to clean & maintain offering excellent durability, making them suitable for high & low traffic areas in the home.
Each and every one of our cowhide rugs is an entirely natural, one of a kind piece.
Individually photographed, the exact hide you see here is the one you will receive.
As each hide is completely natural, some may have small quirks or marks which will be detailed in the photos 
- This rug has a very small hairless patch on one of the legs, this quirk doesn't effect the rug!

Speckled Caramel Cowhide Rug - Medium