One of the most common questions I get asked is how do to style one of our scarves.

Generally our scarves are square shaped, and from this stems the common assumption - fold into a triangle and dull!

For handy tips and interesting ways to tie check out our videos below!

Scarf Styling Tutorials

Probably the most important fold and the basis for all of my other tutorials!

How to make the longest possible version of your scarf.

No1 - The Basic Fold

No3 - The Knot

A step on from your basic fold - the knot is a cute tie which wears all day and showcases your scarf's design!

No5 - The Bow

Sometimes you need to make a statement with an outfit!

This bow tying method is cute, classy and unique!

No2 - The Basic Fold

What to do with your basic fold - this quick simple tie is perfect for everyday wear!

No4 - Chokers

Combining everything so far!

Possibly my favourite way to wear a scarf - great for spring or winter, formal or casual!

No6 - Scarf Rings

The accessory you never knew you needed! In a hurry and need a scarf that will stay put?

Use a scarf ring in under 30 seconds!